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Resident, college art program bring beauty, identity to Boulevard

Kenmore resident Caleb Aronhalt and the University of Akron Art Bomb Brigade worked together to beautify an emerging enclave of activity at Kenmore Blvd. and 15th St. Aronhalt’s mural, entitled “Kenmore, Oh,” now fills the wall of Project Three Gallery and faces the future outdoor seating area of Lil Bit Café.

Funded in part by the Kenmore Neighborhood Alliance, the work is the culmination of 2017’s Kenmore Imagineer mural competition, conducted by Mac Love as part of his @Play project. Mac distributed a coloring book, which included black and white photos of Kenmore buildings and public spaces, at places like schools, libraries and Boulevard businesses. They drew more than 120 entries from residents of all ages. A group of residents and local leaders named Aronhalt’s concept winner because of its positive depiction of the Kenmore name.

“With the merger of our school, and with so many in our neighborhood fearing - even feeling - a loss of identity, Caleb’s mural helps to ensure our identity is here to stay,” said Kenmore Neighborhood Alliance President Jeffrey Vujevich.

The Art Bomb Brigade is an art and education program that arms University of Akron students and alumni with paint brushes and spray cans to “muralize” highly trafficked sites in our region. Brigade participants include Kenmore residents Arlie and Paula Hollman. To learn more, visit

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