Mission & Vision

We’re Better Kenmore CDC.

Founded in 2016, we build a better Kenmore through cultural, recreational and business revitalization, embracing our history, celebrating our creativity and improving our historic business district.

Our vision is a safe and active Kenmore with a revived Kenmore Boulevard at its core. With its diverse people, activities, and food, beverage and retail options, The BLVD will be a valued resource for residents and a destination of choice for musicians and music fans throughout the region.

These are our priorities.

  1. Amplify Akron’s Music Row through marketing, events and, of course, our artists.
  2. Ignite neighborhood-friendly investment, acquiring and developing property, and attracting (and matching) businesses and residents to spaces and resources.
  3. Create spaces that sing through signage, public art and “safe and clean” efforts that magnify what’s good about our neighborhood.
  4. Engage the community around critical issues that impact the BLVD and Kenmore.
  5. Grow capacity with the resources needed to fulfill our mission.

Kenmore Boulevard – The BLVD – is not only Akron’s largest neighborhood business district, it is also Akron’s emerging
Music Row, with a dozen music related businesses in a 3-block area: music retail, recording studios, live music venues,
and music schools. With a new K-5th elementary school and 4-8th visual & performing arts school being built just one
block north of the BLVD, Better Kenmore’s plan for 2024-26 is to develop the BLVD Historic District in a way that is catered
to students and their families, with an arts focus and music at its core. Here’s how: