• A pedestrian and bike-friendly main street in southwest Akron
  • A designated Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Akron’s largest neighborhood business district is housed at the center of Akron’s second largest neighborhood with over 18,000 residents and over 90,000 workers within a 10-minute drive.
  • It offers excellent public parking options and freeway access from three directions within a two-minute drive.
  • The BLVD is an up-and-coming business district. A designated community development corporation – Better Kenmore CDC – has been actively working to revitalize the BLVD Historic District since 2016 through marketing, events, clean and safe efforts, beautification, creative placemaking, and business and real estate development.
  • With a dozen music-related businesses in a 3-block radius, including music retail, live music venues, recording studios, and music schools, the BLVD Historic District is Akron’s emerging Music Row.
  • The BLVD is on the cusp! A brand new Pfeiffer Elementary (K-5) and Milller South School for the Visual & Performing Arts (4-8) is being built just one block north of the BLVD Historic District and is scheduled to open in the 2026-27 school year. This will bring new vitality to the District and reinforce efforts to develop the District as a safe, family-friendly arts district with music at its core.
  • The area has been designated both a Great Streets district and an Opportunity Zone, which offers grants, resources, and tax advantages to business and property owners invested here. 

Here’s an article about the Kenmore neighborhood:

Kenmore is a community of resilient people who thrive on creative independence and neighborly respect.

Better Kenmore Community Development Corporation (CDC) was founded in 2016 as Kenmore Neighborhood Alliance to improve the quality of life in our community through cultural, artistic, recreational and business revitalization.

Better Kenmore CDC’s revitalization plan was inspired by Main Street America’s Four-Point Approach to revitalization.

Better Kenmore CDC is located in the heart of the The BLVD Historic District at 1028 Kenmore Blvd. You can reach us at or 330.714.9621.