An Akron neighborhood guide to Kenmore
December 2023 1 minute

“The people and the neighbors and the sense of pride of just living here, that’s what makes Kenmore, Kenmore.”

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Around Akron with Blue Green
September 2023 1 minute

Published September 16, 2023 Blue Green learns about Better Kenmore CDC, which is devoted to improving the Kenmore neighborhood, before dropping by Velvet Vintage...

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Buzzbin says goodbye to Canton, hello to Kenmore as new hub for punk, metal bands
November 2022 5 minutes

Published November 25, 2022 By Ed Balint, The Repository Chris Bentley said he's found a great new spot to continue the legacy of Buzzbin...

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Akron’s Kenmore neighborhood continues to delight with its ‘Music Row’
November 2022 1 minute

AKRON, Ohio — We have no shortage of amazing nooks and crannies scattered across Northeast Ohio. Those businesses and attractions helping create community and...

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