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Meet Our Community Liaison!

By Abigail Stopka, Better Kenmore CDC

Better Kenmore is thrilled to introduce its new community liaison, Elisha West!

Elisha has called Akron home her entire life, and has spent years applying her passion for people by working with individuals with developmental disabilities – serving as a group home manager, case worker, and foster care provider.

As Better Kenmore’s community liaison, Elisha works to create and maintain connections within the community, businesses and property owners throughout the Kenmore neighborhood. She is also in charge of beautification efforts and placemaking projects, and is organizing a Beautify The BLVD event this Friday, May 5.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and working with everyone on The BLVD and I am learning so much about the community of Kenmore and all of the opportunities it has to offer! ” Elisha said, adding “my great aunt Ninnie moved here from Louisiana to work at Goodrich and she lived on 14th street with my uncle Paul who was the President of The Hibernian Club on Kenmore Blvd., I am grateful to work for a place they loved so dearly.”

When Elisha isn’t serving the Kenmore community she enjoys working on her fitness with crossfit, biking and hiking in the beautiful Akron metro parks and spending time with her family.

Be sure to say hello to Elisha and welcome her to the neighborhood the next time you see her enjoying a slice of Pierre’s white pizza or sipping on a cup of peppermint tea from SRINA!

Elisha is diving head first into the beautification of Kenmore Blvd. with a vision of mulching and planting beautiful flowers down Kenmore Blvd. and you can help! This Friday and Saturday, May 5th and 6th from 9am - noon, Elisha is looking for volunteers to help clean up, mulch and plant flowers on Kenmore Blvd. to get it ready for the summer. Sign up to volunteer here:

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