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Marketer and Musician Joins KNA Staff

Kenmore Neighborhood Alliance is pleased announce the addition of Corey Jenkins, promoter and experience manager, to our professional team. Corey is a musician and artist, as well as a creative marketing, branding and business development professional with a decade of experience. He most recently served as the corporate marketing manager for a Massillon-based industrial company. As co-chair of KNA’s Promotions Committee, he is responsible for the colorful new Kenmore First Friday logo and t-shirts.

Corey has strong life-long connections to Kenmore: His grandmother spent nearly her entire life in Kenmore, both his parents grew up here, and he spent his first three years of life on the corner of Clearview Ave. and Overlook Dr. In his early 20s, Corey worked for Virgil Lay at SIT Strings, a company originally established in the basement of Lay’s Guitar Shop.

Listeners to 91.3 The Summit FM and regular concert goers may also know Corey from his solo work, as a member of the new super group Big Pop, or with acts such as Fancy Legs, PIN 2 HOT, Sons of Midori, Samantha Grace, and Time Cat.

As promoter and experience manager, Corey will work to help residents and the greater Akron community view and experience the Kenmore in positive ways through avenues like Kenmore First Friday, media and public relations, and advertising. He will also serve as a branding and business development advisor to the district’s small businesses.

As KNA grows, Corey will compose strategic initiatives that are in tune with the vision of growing Kenmore Boulevard as a destination for Northeast Ohio musicians. He plans to use his 20 years of experience as a writing and performing artist to connect fellow musicians with the resources he has grown to love that are already here in our community.