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Interactive coloring book sources ideas for public art projects

December 26, 2017 by The Akronite

Cash prize, production of art offered as part of @PLAY’s ‘Kenmore Imagineer’

A new interactive coloring book, called the “Kenmore Imagineer,” is sourcing ideas from the community to install public art along Kenmore Boulevard.

Art x Love, based in Akron, printed and distributed 3,000 copies to local shops, Kenmore public schools and the Kenmore Branch Library.

Mac Love, chief catalyst at Art x Love, and leader of @PLAY, the Knight Cities grant project responsible for the “Kenmore Imagineer,” said the project has received dozens of submissions. “I cannot wait to see what the rest of Akron comes up with for Kenmore Boulevard,” he said. “We’re not judging submissions on artistic talent. We’re interested in people’s best ideas to celebrate Kenmore’s history, identity, and independent spirit.”

To spark and reward that creativity, a $100 cash prize is being awarded to the best entry for each location in the “Kenmore Imagineer,” which features 15 pages of potential public art locations. On top of this, the Kenmore Neighborhood Alliance has agreed to finance the production of one winner’s entry, making someone’s vision for Kenmore a reality.

Submissions are due by Jan. 31 and will be displayed as a public art exhibition at The Rialto Theatre, opening Thursday, Feb. 8, from 5 to 8 p.m.

The “Kenmore Imagineer” may be downloaded for free at

Submissions may be dropped off at the Kenmore Branch Library, 969 Kenmore Blvd., mailed to Art x Love at 157 King James Way, Akron, OH 44308, or emailed to

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