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Etta Mae brings dance to the Boulevard for over 60 years

Sixty four years ago, a Scottish-Irish Kenmore native named Etta Mae Smith opened a dance studio on the boulevard. Since then, the studio’s mission has been to educate, inspire, and instill a passion for dance in each student. Etta Mae Studio of Dance strives to create a good atmosphere where dancers can find their true voice and achieve confidence.

Keeping Etta Mae’s legacy alive, the studio has been teaching classes in the following subjects:

  • Ballet: A technical and graceful form of dance that builds the foundations for other types of dance.

  • Pointe: A form of ballet where the dancers wear special shoes and perform dance steps on their toes.

  • Jazz: An energetic form of dance seen on TV, in commercials, movies, music videos and on the stage in musicals.

  • Hip Hop: A style of dance that incorporates street dance, break dance, and jazz.

  • Tap: A form of dance where the dancer creates rhythmic sounds using metal plates on the tap shoes.

  • Lyrical: A fluid style of jazz that blends with ballet and is performed to interpret the lyrics of the song.

  • Acro: Bending, twisting, balance, stretching and rotating to perform skills for incorporation into dance routines.

Etta Mae studio of dance has performances and recitals throughout the year. Interested students can participate in classes for $35 per month or can take private lessons. To learn more about registration, visit

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