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Artist Profile: Caleb Aronhalt

Artist and Kenmore resident Caleb Aronhalt was named the winner of the Kenmore Imagineer project back in February. One of his design concepts was chosen to be made into a mural, which is now a reality on Kenmore Boulevard.

KNA: What was the inspiration for your mural design?

Caleb Aronhalt: I call these figures ‘Chirpies’ and I was inspired to make something colorful and fun that’s vibrant enough to be enjoyed by those who are driving by and walking by. A few things that artistically inspire me are hand done typography, the graffiti sprayed on the side of trains and video games like Super Mario Bros and Kirby.

KNA: What do you love about Kenmore?

CA: The main thing I love about Kenmore is the community. The friendships I’ve developed are the reason I call Kenmore home. I got involved with First Glance on Kenmore Blvd in 2012. After living in five different locations around Kenmore, my wife and I bought a house in 2017 and now call Kenmore home.

KNA: What would you like to see more of in Kenmore?

CA: I would like to see more people who are proud to say they live in Kenmore. I’ve lived here for seven years and there are so many positive things that I’ve witnessed and been a part of. My hope is that more people begin to see the potential Kenmore has and one day will become.

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