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A superhero on the Boulevard: Kenmore Komics & Games

If you love comics and superheroes, you don’t have to go any farther than the Boulevard to find them. Since 1987, Kenmore Komics & Games has hailed on the Boulevard as one of Akron’s best specialty comic book and gaming stories.

From Superman to Magic Cards, the store has an extensive collection of Modern and Silver Age comic books, as well as, role playing, strategy, and card game memorabilia. Known for it’s fantastic selection, visitors come from Cleveland, Columbus, and other nearby cities.

The store’s owner, John Buntin, came to Akron in the 1980s to open a store with a friend and fell in love with Kenmore. According to him, Kenmore Komics & Games provides customers with a “hobby, escapism, and fantasy” with the games and comics it sells.

“We do what we can to get our customers to enjoy their lives when they’re not at work,” said John.

To learn more about Kenmore Komics & Games, visit

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