Live Music Now back with big sounds and Big Love

Live Music Now is bringing another season of top-notch regional live music to Kenmore Boulevard thanks to The Big Love Network, a group of organizers, artists and healing practitioners who advocate for social equity through activism and the arts based on Carey Ave.

Led by local musician Zach Freidhof, The Big Love Network has already hosted musicians like LA-based Rachel Roberts, Angie Haze and rapper A-MINUS at the venue.

“Live Music Now provides a great opportunity to engage both residents and folks from around the city who may not be overly familiar with Kenmore,” he explained. “Partners in our network are bringing diverse music into this space, allowing a safe and inclusive space for people to get to know others.”

Live Music Now started as a collaborative enterprise between Kenmore Neighborhood Alliance, the Big Love Network, Open Tone Music, and Kenmore-based Jim Ballard Skylyne Studio and Studio 1008. Patrons were asked to donate $5-10 – or whatever they could afford – at the door, which went directly to the artists. All money made at the bar supported Kenmore Neighborhood Alliance.

Big Love Network is continuing this model, seeking to provide an example of a new economy of cooperative and collective ventures.

“If this model can be successful in Kenmore, it can possibly be an opportunity in other neighborhoods as well,” Zach said.

Live Music Now is sponsored by Kenmore Neighborhood Alliance. All other funds to keep the events running come through donations at the door, which pay the artists, and the purchase of beverages at the bar.

Upcoming shows include:

  • Thursday, Feb. 21 – Female Showcase w/Bethany Joy, Jose McGee & Indre
  • Friday, March 8 – Ray Flanagan and Zach
  • Friday, April 5 – Jeri Sapronetti (Time Cat)

“It’s refreshing to have a space where the artists and the community can co-create and come together,” Zach said. “Big Love is excited to be part of the Kenmore neighborhood.”

Doors open at 7 p.m. for all Live Music Now! shows. Suggested donation is $5-10. For more information and a full list of upcoming shows, visit

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