Kenmore’s Newest Business Needs Your Support

Buzzbin Art & Music Shop – one of Northeast Ohio’s best-known live music venues – is working hard to reopen on Kenmore Blvd. after a decade-long tenure in downtown Canton.

In an effort to offset the massive expense of relocating, the owners have set up an online donation link and organized “Benefit for the ‘Bin” – a multi-venue benefit concert beginning at 3 p.m. this Saturday, September 24. Twenty bands and solo artists will take over the stage at Buzzbin’s new location at 952 Kenmore Blvd. (the former Live Music Now!) and The Rialto Theatre two blocks away at 1000 Kenmore Blvd.

With the help of some awesome people we have a secured a new home for Buzzbin on the Boulevard in Kenmore!” said Chris Bentley, who co-owns Buzzbin with his wife Julia (Masalko) Bentley. “We still have a mountain of bills and fees for permits etc and decided to throw a huge party [to help raise money to cover the costs] and invited some amazing bands and musicians!”

Upon learning the closure of Buzzbin’s downtown Canton location was imminent in June, Kenmore Neighborhood Alliance wasted no time in inviting Chris Bentley to come visit Kenmore Blvd. Where he was given a tour of the former Live Music Now! building located between 13th and 14th Streets. Chris was immediately blown away by the potential of the space and the creative hive of artists and musicians buzzing around Kenmore. “I thought it was absolutely perfect for Buzzbin,” Chris said of the former bar at 952 Kenmore Blvd. “It has everything that Buzzbin would need to be successful.”

Julia agreed it was the ideal new home for Buzzbin, so the couple wasted no time getting Buzzbin going on The Blvd. and hosted their first show in their new home during Kenmore First Friday on September 2. Despite quickly securing a new home, Buzzbin is in need of substantial financial support to make its move successful.

“Buzzbin was almost destroyed by COVID and the Canton location never really was able to come back to full strength after that,” Chis explained. “This led to a mountain of bills and problems that piled up in the past two years. The Benefit for the Bin is extremely important because it is an extension of what we spent ten years building in Canton. A legendary environment for fans of underground music.”

Buzzbin’s success on the Blvd. not only means the world to the Bentley’s – it means a lot to the revitalization of Kenmore Blvd.

“The addition of Buzzbin Art & Music Shop to Kenmore Blvd. not only reactivates a building that has been vacant the past few years, but it brings more people to The BLVD,” Kenmore Neighborhood Alliance Promoter & Experience Manager Corey Jenkins said. “Buzzbin isn’t an upstart, it’s an established business with a devoted following who will bring additional business to Kenmore’s restaurants and shops.”

Amongst the performers who are donating their time by playing for free at “Benefit For The Bin” are Tommy Stewart from legendary heavy metal band Hallow’s Eve and 72 Legions featuring guitar gods Dan Gates from TON and Kenmore resident Curran Murphy, who played in progressive metal band Nevermore.

“Music that has heart, passion and guts. That’s what we are building in Kenmore and that’s why we fit in,” Chris emphasized. It’s a place that is rebuilding for all of the right reasons. Come out and watch great independent music and support that dream.”

Help support Buzzbin’s move to Kenmore – get your tickets for “Benefit for the ‘Bin” or donate at

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