Kenmore House Hits The Market and Goes Viral!

By Abigail Stopka, Better Kenmore CDC

Chances are you’ve heard the buzz about the cape cod located at 757 Jason Ave. right here in Kenmore.

But just in case you missed it, here’s the scoop:

An 80-year old single family Kenmore home hit the market about two weeks ago. The exterior photos of the listing show a well kept, unassuming home, but a look inside shows walls and ceilings that have been covered in unique artwork that has captivated people around the world and become something of a viral sensation.

The exquisite, artful home belonged to Kenmore resident Donald Nichols who passed away in March 2022. It was a fairly typical home until Nichols befriended the late Barberton artist Ralph Herzog. Both Nichols and Herzog shared a passion for music, antiques, and art and before long Nichols was commissioning Herzog to adorn the walls of his home with mural after mural after mural.

Listing agent Eric Cooper, who is also a friend of the Nichols family, hopes the home will go to a buyer who will preserve the artwork.

“It would be a shame to paint over the works,” Cooper said. “This is a great house. Someone is going to love this house. It is so cool.”

Cooper isn’t the only one who thinks the house is cool – the artistic dwelling captured the hearts of aesthetes all over the world thanks to its extensive media coverage in New York Times, Bloomberg, Zillow Gone Wild,, Unique Homes, Akron Beacon Journal,, Money, Business Insider, Crane’s Business Cleveland, and Cleveland Scene Magazine. The house is also number one listing of all time on the website For the Love of Old Homes.

In addition to the artwork, the home features some stained glass doors, a walk-out balcony, and wooden floor Nichols salvaged from a church that was demolished near his childhood home in West Virginia.

Check out the listing here and keep an eye on the City of Akron Mayor’s Office TikTok account for a series of videos showcasing the home.

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