Angie Haze’s EP Release of “Smiling” WSG Anya Van Rose & Floco Torres


Sunday March 3, 2024    
12:00 am - 4:00 am


The Rialto Theatre
The Rialto Theatre,

Angie Haze

Award Winning Singer Songwriter, Angie Haze is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer. Her latest sound is evocative and experimental with a new, creep-pop appeal. Riveting and poignant,it features haunting vocal arrangements and diverse instrumentation. Haze fearlessly uncovers her viability as a way to enlighten and connect people.Her story of survival never fails to influence change.

Angie Haze’s gritty performance features four-part vocal arrangements and a wide variety ofmusicians. Her band represents commonality that reflects the voices of distinct cultures.

“We are more than just bandmates. We are family and we want nothing more than to demonstrate how music can foster unity amongst diversity, compassion for humanity, and a bond necessary to continue.”

Music For The Under Dogs.

Introducing Angie’s Sing Seats!

Buy a ticket.Download the vocal part of your choosing. Access the music to several songs from her show to sing along to during the performance. Join the choral flash mob in the audience singing your scripted part along with the band!

For the ticket link and more information on Sing Seats! Follow this link:

It’s “Smiling Time!”

In addition to this debut, Angie and her Bandfam will be releasing a brand new EP entitled, “Smiling”.

WSG: Anya Van Rose & Floco Torres

Get to the show early for dinner and drinks from Paninoteca – open in The Rialto Living Room at 5pm!

Doors: 7:00PM / Showtime: 7:30PM

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