Business Owner Offers Safe, Supportive Space to be Sober

Before 2020 came to an end, Kenny Lambert, founder and owner of Just A Dad From Akron located at 937 Kenmore Blvd., began hosting meetings every Friday to offer support to anyone struggling with drugs or alcohol.

Lambert decided to launch the meetings after a lot of thought and planning and is excited to be in a position to provide the space and support to help people start the New Year sober.

The weekly meetings offer “good vibes” and “are open to anyone who is struggling or has struggled with drugs or alcohol and wants to seek help, or wants to share their experience and offer strength and hope to those struggling,” Lambert says, adding, “The meetings include a mini-lead/topic about a common issue we all struggle with and we share solutions that have kept myself and millions of other sober.”

If anyone knows what it takes to get sober and stay sober it’s Kenny Lambert. A Kenmore native, he was homeless and addicted to drugs and alcohol less than four years before he started Just A Dad From Akron and credits the birth of his daughter as the catalyst that inspired him to get sober and begin a journey of self-growth.

“In March 2020 I made the decision to launch Just A Dad From Akron as not only a brand but a movement.” Lambert recalls. “A movement built to inspire anyone in the community who would listen, and to be the change Akron needs.”

A year later in March 2021, Lambert opened his Just A Dad From Akron retail store on Kenmore Blvd. where he sells branded apparel that includes positive messages designed to empower the wearer. A portion of the proceeds go toward hosting free events and offering relief to the community via various outreach programs.

“My door is always open during the hours of operation for anyone who wants to support the movement or talk about life in general,” says Lambert.

The meetings are held Friday evenings at 8PM inside the Just A Dad From Akron storefront and coffee and donuts are typically provided. Follow Just A Dad From Akron on Facebook for updates and more information.

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