10 Questions: Kenmore Volunteer Sarah White

Sarah White is an Akron resident who has been active in the Kenmore Community for 15 years. A member of Kenmore Neighborhood Alliance’s Promotions Committee and dedicated volunteer at events like Kenmore Blvd. Cleanups and Kenmore First Fridays, Sarah is the mother of three daughters and a host for AkronBuzz, 330toGO, and a special events host for the Cleveland Guardians.

Sarah has been passionate about singing her whole life and will be co-hosting Voices In The 330 Vol. 3 – a singing competition designed to highlight undiscovered talent in the area – at The Rialto Theatre this Saturday.

1. How did you first get involved in the Kenmore Community?

My husband Ben worked at First Glance youth center on Kenmore Blvd. back in 2007. I would volunteer with him at Rec night and that was my first introduction to Kenmore. Then in 2015-16 we came back to be a part of a church plant with The Chapel Kenmore. My husband first worked there part time doing music and is now the pastor. He also runs Hip Hop night for students who want to learn to perform or write music at First Glance each week.

2. What is your involvement with Kenmore Neighborhood Alliance?

I am a part of the promotions committee, that helps to plan for Kenmore First Fridays! This year I had a chance to help with food trucks and with kids activities!

3. What are you most looking forward to at Kenmore First Fridays?

Of course the music is amazing, I love the food trucks, and I am obsessed with all the amazing local businesses! I can’t help but want to buy something from them all in support! I also love how much my kids enjoy the events too!

4. You and your kids participate in our Kenmore Blvd. Cleanups – the next of which is this Saturday, May 21 (sign up to volunteer here). Why is it important to you and your family to participate in the cleanups?

I like to participate in the cleanups so that we can help to make our space more beautiful for current residents and for when people come to visit the Blvd, like for First Friday! I love to include my kids so that they learn to take care of the environment and learn to help out in situations that help the community become a better place!

5. Tell us about Voices in the 330?

It’s the third one we have had at the Rialto Theatre, it’s a local singing competition put on by 330toGO for the best singers in the area! It’s lots of fun and always has amazing talent. It is this Friday evening!

6. How are you involved?

I will be co-hosting the event, and doing contestant interviews. I even get to sing a duet from my childhood “somewhere out there” from American Tail with last years winner DeAngelo!

7. Why does 330ToGO choose to host it at the Rialto Theatre?

Because it’s such a great music venue for the size of show we are looking to have. The Rialto has been so great to work with on this, the winner gets to record a single there!

8. Where is your favorite place to shop on the Boulevard?

This is hard for me 😀 I love Marigold Sol for home decor and gifts and Just a Dad from Akron and Ethicrace for clothing!

9. What’s your Favorite Kenmore restaurant and why?

Pierre’s Brooklyn Pizza and Deli is my absolute favorite. There is nothing like the loaded pie. It’s the only pizza that has toppings I don’t even usually like, and however they mix it all together makes it taste so amazing, I even like things I don’t usually eat! 😀

10. What do you hope the Boulevard looks like in 10 years?

Flourishing. Bright, fun, filled with energy from all of the people hanging out, listening to music and enjoying the restaurants, shops, coffee, tea and so much more. Lots of culture, music, and art all with an urban flavor.

To volunteer or learn more about our Kenmore Blvd. Cleanup happening this Saturday, May 21, from 9am – noon, visit the Facebook event page.

For more information on Voices In The 330 Vol. 3 also happening at The Rialto Theatre this Saturday, May 21 beginning at 6pm, check out the Facebook event page or therialtotheatre.com.

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