10 Questions: Kenmore Resident Taylor Rahe

Taylor Rahe is a Kenmore resident and stay at home mom to two young children she and her husband Ben, a business owner, are raising. Since moving to Kenmore about a decade ago, Taylor and Ben have been actively engaged in the community – particularly with Friends of Chestnut Ridge Park and Project Shine.

1. How long have you lived in Kenmore and what attracted your family to the neighborhood?

We moved to Kenmore eight or nine years ago when Ben was on staff at First Glance. We have since purchased both our first and second home here. We have stayed for the community and seeking the welfare of our neighborhood. The affordable cost of living in Kenmore has also provided us with opportunities to invest and pursue business ventures.

2. You and your husband are active with the Friends of Chestnut Ridge Park, how did you become involved in that group and why is Chestnut Ridge Park special to you?

We live very close to Chestnut Ridge Park and take our two young kids to play there nearly every day! When we moved in three and a half years ago there was already a movement to make improvements and maintain the park and we jumped in to support however we could. We just started showing up to meetings and availed ourselves however we could.

3. You also got a disc golf course installed at Chestnut Ridge Park, what’s your advice for people who have never played, but want to learn, and what do people need to know in order to go play at Chestnut Ridge?

Chestnut Ridge is the perfect place to check out disc golf if you are new to the sport! It was designed with new people in mind. Discs can be purchased for $10 or less at Play it Again Sports. We are still working on getting signs in at the park and until then the best way to navigate the course is through the UDisc app. We would also be more than willing to show people around and lend a disc!

4. What is your favorite spot in Kenmore? What do you love about it?

Besides Chestnut Ridge we love Old 97! It’s such a gem. I love the unique drinks they have and the atmosphere.

5. You and your husband worked with Project Shine to renovate the exterior of elderly resident’s homes with teens. What can you tell us about Project Shine, why it’s important to you, and how others can become involved?

Ben and I became involved with Project Shine through First Glance when we would take students to participate. I served on the board of Project Shine from 2017-2019. I love Project Shine for the two fold aspect of the ministry – not only is it a service to the community, but it is teaching local teenagers how to serve in their community! It’s awesome to drive through the neighborhood and see the homes that have been painted throughout the years and be reminded of the good memories and friendships we have through Shine.

6. What is your favorite Kenmore memory or story to share with people?

I don’t have one specific moment in mind, but I love when we all come together for First Friday or other community events when the BLVD is packed with people we love and we can bounce from person to person catching up. [Editors Note: Light The BLVD is coming December 3!]

7. You can only pick one Kenmore Pizza – Pierre’s, Rocco’s, Regina’s, or Talamo’s – which one is it going to be and why?

Pierre’s! His Pierre’s Pizza is my all-time favorite. Pure garlicky goodness.

8. What concert or event would you love to see at The Rialto Theatre?

As far as bands go- I would love to see Needtobreathe there! Also either a showing or performance of It’s a Wonderful Life at Christmas time would be so fun!

9. As a resident, where do you see Kenmore in ten years?

I see a vibrant boulevard with thriving shops and businesses.

10. What do you want the world to know about Kenmore?

We are a true community here. We are a part of a bigger city, but we have the community aspect of a small town. People have roots here. We have festivals/events like a small town- community Thanksgiving, Christmas on the Boulevard, Easter on the Boulevard, First Fridays.

Interested in joining Friends of Chestnut Ridge? Connect with Chestnut Ridge Park on Facebook or email chestnutridge@akronparks.org for more information.

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