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Just a Dad From Akron to open storefront in Akron's Kenmore neighborhood

By Craig Webb Akron Beacon Journal

Photo: Karen Shiely, Akron Beacon Journal

He says he's just a dad from Akron.

This particular dad sports a dyed-blond mohawk.

He has more tattoos than he cares to count.

And if you do count them, they number about 100.

Kenny Lambert is setting out to change the world in one particular city in the 330 area code one shirt or hoodie at a time.

His clothing company, Just a Dad From Akron, will open its first storefront at 937 Kenmore Blvd. on Saturday.

He says he is peddling more than just clothes: He is also selling a message that you don't have to be perfect to love one another and be a better person.

Lambert, 30, readily admits he was once — not that long ago — a pretty despicable person. He grew up in Springfield Township and started drinking at around age 15. He soon graduated to smoking weed and then just about every other drug, recreational or hardcore, you can imagine by the time he hit his late teen years in Akron.

Lambert said he was a mess.

A user of not only drugs but anyone who set out to help him.

There were arrests along the way along with stints in reh