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Freedom Tax Service Has a New Home and New Name

Freedom Tax Service, which specializes in providing tax and financial services to small and medium sized businesses, musicians, artists and other independent contractors, kicked off 2022 by moving into its new home at 988 Kenmore Boulevard between The Nite Owl and Stone’s Kenmore Mattress & Furniture.

“This [move] gives us a great building that is well suited for our growing business,” Freedom Tax Service owner Jeffrey Vujevich said.

But the move to a new location isn't the only change at Freedom Tax Service.

Vujevich has merged Freedom Tax Service with Tax Prep Medina, Inc. – a business he co-founded in 2021 in Brunswick, Ohio. The merging of the two businesses has enabled his Kenmore office to offer more financial planning resources to the community than ever before, and Freedom Tax Service has assumed the Tax Prep Medina moniker.

In addition to providing expert personal and business tax preparation, financial planning, payroll, bookkeeping, and accounting services, Vujevich is a licensed insurance agent and Tax Prep Medina offers Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage plans through United Healthcare.

“Taxes impact everything we do, so it makes sense to plan your finances from a tax perspective,” Vujevich explained. "We now have more financial professionals to serve our client’s tax planning, financial, and other needs. With higher taxes returning in 2026 when the 2017 tax cuts end, it's important for everyone to know how taxes will impact their incomes both while they are working and as they retire."

Need help filing your taxes or have questions? Tax Prep Medina is ready to help.

Medina Tax Prep is located at 988 Kenmore Blvd. and is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and other hours by appointment. For information, call 330-753-5000 or visit today!

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