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Artist Connects Summit Lake & Kenmore Neighborhoods With Art

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

For his most recent mural, Kenmore artist Caleb Aronhalt went underground: well, under a bridge, at least.

The Summit Metro Parks commissioned Caleb to create a large-scale mural under the Kenmore Boulevard bridge where the Summit Lake Loop Trail connects with the west shore. "They wanted to make the space more inviting, “ Caleb said. They also wanted to be sure it was created by an artist from the neighborhood.

Bringing color to the community is very important to Caleb "because it shows that people actually care," he explained. "I'm all about investing my time and talent in my neighborhood to help make my community better."

Caleb has lived in Kenmore for eight years and has worked on several mural projects throughout the neighborhood. His most notable work can be found at the southwest corner of Kenmore Blvd. and 15th St., a collaboration between Kenmore Neighborhood Alliance, Art X Love and the University of Akron Art Bomb Brigade.

"This project was different because I did not have a team; I've been doing it solo," Caleb said. He estimates it took him about 80 hours in all, adding "every day was different" depending on the canal levels.

As more opportunities open up in Kenmore, look to see more from Caleb Aronhalt Art in the near future. We are grateful for his work toward our goal of bringing the beautiful neighborhoods of Kenmore and Summit Lake together.

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