Kenmore Neighborhood Alliance invited you to choose the mascot that best captures our neighborhood's proud, hard-working history and quirky yet playful nature. We got more than a dozen entries from all over the area. More than 300 of you voted, and here are the results. 



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About the design
My design is simple yet stout and able to hold its own. Like Kenmore, it is playful as well, accessible and adaptable to many situations. I hope it is a bird the community comes to recognize and appreciate as a part of the neighborhood.

About the artist
I am from Kenmore - I attended Hemminger Elementary School and Innes Middle School and graduated from Kenmore in 1994 - so I've always had a connection to the neighborhood and its history. I see Kenmore as being more relevant and having more to offer than the average Akronite gives it credit for. I am a realtor by day and a self-proclaimed artist, selling original pieces, paintings, drawings, and sculptures, here and there but mostly do it for the love of art.

Caleb Aronhalt


About the design

This cardinal has a familiar and friendly feel to it but stands a little taller than your average bird because he's proud of where he comes from.

About the artist

I was born and raised in Akron and attended Columbus College of Art and Design for graphic design. I love Kenmore and have been here for about eight years. I have five murals you can see on the Boulevard, attend church here, volunteer at a local youth center, and have seen the Boulevard change and grow immensely.



About the design

 My idea for this design is inspired by the Kenmore community spirit of fun, funky and quirky. I love the cardinal as a mascot for Kenmore because symbolically, cardinals represent hope, positivity, and new beginnings. It is such a delight to see the bright red birds dancing during the dark winter - a sort of ray of hope.

About the artist

I'm an artist, designer, illustrator, and writer inspired by the transformative nature of art and story to help us feel more connected to ourselves and each other.

Kim Hamilton-Jenkins


About the design

It's just a new take on the classic cardinal: Different icons can be inserted into the cardinal's chest to help communicate different messages.

About the artist

I am a Kenmore Class of '75 alumnus: I grew up in Kenmore and lived here into my 30s, a mother of two and grandma to one. I have been doing art most of my life, mostly photography, but I have started painting more this last year and have sold many pieces. I have worked at the Akron Art Museum and the First Ladies Museum.