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Welcome to Kenmore, a community of resilient people who thrive on creative independence and neighborly respect. 

Founded in 1901, Kenmore was once known as “America’s fastest growing city,” a self-sufficient village made up of factory workers and families. Now, Kenmore boasts multiple recording studios, guitar luthiers, music and hobby shops, and countless artisans and musicians who embody this creative, expressive, hands-on community.

At the heart of Kenmore is the Boulevard District, which is anchored by the newly renovated Rialto Theatre, Lay's Gutiar Shop, and mainstay retailers like the Guitar Department, Kenmore Komics & Games, and E&S Trains and Hobby Shop.



We are candid in Kenmore. What you see is what you get. But we’re also helpful and kind: equal parts passion and compassion. 


Everyone is welcome in Kenmore, so be yourself here. Then, watch as Kenmore becomes part of you.

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